Moving Hearts - Live ln Dublin
Moving Hearts
Rubyworks RWXCD60
This is the first release from Moving Hearts in over 20 years and was recorded live in Dublin.
lt features Donal Lunny, Davy Spillane, Keith Donald, Eoghan O'Neill, Noel Eccles, Matt Kelleghan, Anto Drennan, Graham Henderson and Kevin Glacken.  There are 10 tracks, all instrumentals, centring on trad Irish tunes. lt’s an Irish big band featuring a blend of Irish pipes, whistle, jazz sax, bongos and drums!  The first track, ‘The Lark’, is a tour jde force which contains 7 jigs and lasts over 13 minutes. Starting with ‘The Lark in the Morning’ it whips the audience up into a bit of a frenzy. This contrasts with the other tracks which are credited mainly to Davy Spillane and Donal Lunny.
‘The Titanic’ for example starts off as a slow reel on whistle then turns into a jazz solo which has a lot of Keith Donald on sax.
A DVD will be released, directed by Philip King which will feature music from the influential 4th album The Storm.
Ivan North.
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