Essential Batty Acids
The Omega 3
‘Clive Harvey (guitar) and Derek Pearce (mandolin), founder members of the long defunct, sadly missed and almost titleary Roaring Jelly, are back.  Refurbished, revitalised, refortified by vitamins and fish oils, with new wonder
ingredient Graeme Taylor (banjo), they are reinvented as The Omega 3 - foremost pun/eyors of English Eccentric Humour in Song’.
ln the 70s and early 80s, Floaring Jelly were regulars on the folk scene appearing at clubs, festivals and on radio and TV.  Who can forget their most famous song Valerie Wilkins? (Actually I prefer ‘Maracas in Caracas’ which I consider more inventive).
What of the current band? All the songs are original and apart from ‘1 in 7’ (which is about deafness) are humorous. l think my favourite is about how Bournemouth moved counties.
There are two ‘bonus tracks’ — one of which is a reprise of the old warhorse ‘Christmas in Australia’.
Humour is a personal thing and although l enjoyed the CD some of it - like ‘Peeing in the Swimming Pool’, was a bit basic!
Ivan North.
Orpington Folk Club
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