Frank Cullen and all points west
Frank Cullen
FC001 Some time ago this was given to me by an old friend Paddy Brady. Over a curry in Walton on Thames he eulogised about the great CD his brother in law had made.  So here it is and it is available from All Celtic Music.  ‘Mandolin takes pride of place on this album and rather sprightly it is too. A ‘specialist’ musician, Frank probably spends most of his time laying down the sounds for some other headliner but on this he takes centre-stage himself and, from this initial hearing, it's not before time. It's a polished performance and he, this time, is well supported by a solid gang of other worthy players.’  A privilege in writing a tune is to pick its name. One in particular is ‘The Red
Razzler’ - dedicated to his wife Carmel. After spending a convivial night with friends she was ‘One step fon/vard and three steps back’ — as reflected in the tune.
The arrangements are subtle and the other musicians give understated support.  ln particular there is some fine fiddle playing from Maire Breathnach and I give credit to the harp of Noreen O’Donoghue.
For more details the best way is to do a Google search for Frank Cullen at the All Celtic website.
Ivan North.
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