Kentish based ceilidh band Florida consists of Tim Bull (melodeon), Richard Goodwin (saxes), Gavin Atkin (fiddle, guitar), Charlie Handley (trumpets) and Chris Warner (bass).  This is their fourth CD and they claim to have ‘pioneered the use of jazz-influenced brass and woodwind over the more traditional fiddle and melodeon sound, underpinned by a driving bass. Florida don't use and don't need percussion .in order to keep the tight rhythm necessary for dancers’.  There are 13 tracks and 26 (mainly lively) tunes playedin a brash way (not difficult with the trumpet leadl). They used a variety of sources and play old favourites like ‘Paddy Carey’, ‘The Rose Tree’, ‘Seven Stars’, as well as some unfamiliar tunes ‘The Queer Fella’s Shot-ese’, ‘Sausage’ and ‘Colonel Mike’.

What‘s the significance of the helmet on the front cover? ls someone taking the pith?
Ivan North.
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