Patrick Street on the Fly
Patrick Street
Loftus Music LM002
Patrick Street has been at the top of the tree for 22 years and this album, the first for four years, has been released prior to an American tour.  This is the band’s eleventh CD and is profoundly traditional, featuring many tunes from
County Sligo.
Founder member Jackie Daly — who appears on two tracks - has left. He is replaced by fiddle and flute player John Carty, joining Kevin Burke, Andy lrvine and Ged Foley.
Of the fourvocal tracks, Andy sings three and Ged contributes one — ‘The Galway Shawl’. The liveliest is ‘Erin Go Bragh’ (a Scottish song which tells the story of a Highland Scot who is mistaken for an lrishman). ‘The Rich lrish
Lady’ is faily well known and the other is an Australian song s‘Sergeant Small’ about a railway hobo in the American experience.
The remaining instrumental tracks are the usual mixtures of jigs, reels and polkas, all played to their usual very high standard.
.Ivan North.
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