Freshly Squeezed
Paul Scourfield
Mad River records MADCD 11
Paul (melodeon, vocals, mandola) is joined by Jon Loomes (fiddle, guitar, hurdy-gurdy, harmony vocals) and Michael Beeke (border pipes, recorders). Paul is into English music and has been heavily influenced by
John Kirkpatrick.
This CD captures his solo repertoire and there is an equal balance between tunes and songs. '
Tune wise his musical combination is very competent and gets a surprisingly full sound — as on ‘Mount Hills I Jack Robinson’ medley.  He injects further interest in this by adding some extra melodic content and not just repeating the tune ad nauseum. Another highly successful medley is ‘The Vine tree I Lovely Nancy’.
The songs are less successful. l’m afraid he isn't a great singer and his voice is too exposed on ‘The Bold Fisherman‘. ‘Four loom Weaver’ is better as his voice is further back in the mix and John Loomes gurdy
backing hides any deficiency.
Ivan North.
Orpington Folk Club
Orpington Folk Music & Song