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The Hut People Felside FECD228


The Hut People are Sam Pirt on piano accordion and Gary Hammond on percussion They began playing together in 2008 after jamming in Sam's 'hut ' (studio), hence the name.
Sam is well established in the folk world and has a wealth of experience. Gary progressed from jazz to 'The Beautiful South' via world music.
This is a purely instrumental CD and the material seems to have been picked up via recordings from all over the world.
Sam is undoubtedly a very fine musician, but he is the only one who plays the melody and unfortunately I found the arrangements dull and rudimentary. More could have been done with the tunes -especially the more familiar ones like 'Happy One Step' (popularized by Sharon Shannon), 'Napoleon Crossing the Alps' and 'Princess Royal', to make them sound less ordinary and repetitive.
The CD though is saved by Gary's superlative percussion. This fills out the sound and makes it sound like a whole orchestra is playing, turning 'The Hut' People' into a true duet.

Ivan North.

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