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Shivering Sands & Scavenging Bird

Songs & tunes From the Leigh Folk Festival 2009

Following the 2008 compilation CD 'Moonshine, Murder, Mountains & Mudflats', this is the follow up 19 track cross section of the 80+ acts who performed at the 2009 event takes in the traditional and the alternative, the local and the international'.
All the tracks have been generously donated be the project by the artists involved, with over half the number being previously unreleased 'exclusives', many of which were specially recorded for this collection'.
There are 18 acts included and each provides I track. Many of the well known names like Faustua. The Kittiwakes, Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer, Shona Kipling & Damien O'Kane provide previously released tracks, but many of the other tracks have been previously unreleased.
Compilation CDs are hit and miss affairs and I must confess that the remaining artists are unknown to me end I certainly wouldn't have any of their recordings in my possession.  The curiously named 'The Owl Service' is quite psychedelic with 'Standing on the Shore' and this contrasts with Jason Steel and his frailling banjo on 'The Bonny Black Hare'.
In the international section, Roshi perform a traditional Iranian folk song, but the weirdest must be isnaj Oui playing 'Saying Goodbye' on the flute.  This is described as 'a valediction'.
My overall favourite is The Goldmaster All Stars – a 12 piece Essex based Ska and Reggae band singing 'Another Day' . (I could listen to more of this band!)

The CD is available at £7 including postage via the web site.  As well as being a useful fund raiser for the festival, it gives you a chance to hear unfamiliar performers relatively painlessly.
I believe the 20O8 CD is also still available.

Ivan North.

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