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Baka Beyond & Baka Gbine

Baka Live (March Hare Music MAHACD 26)

The original Baka Beyond was founded 14 years ago when British musicians Martin Cradick and Su Hart, formed a group fusing Celtic music with that of the Baka tribal people of the Cameroon forests. So inspired were they by the magical rhythms and melodies of the Baka people, that they recorded an album "Spirit of the Forest" under the name Baka Beyond, which pushed them into worldwide recognition.

The Bake Pygmies of Cameroon have in turn formed their own band Orchestre Bake Gbine.
This CD draws material from the Baka Beyond and Baka Gbine shows in May 2006. It is lively and rhythmic and would certainly set any party alight!


Ivan North.

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