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Toadstone (WiIdGoose Records WGS328CD)

Random is a six piece band described as playing 'electric ceilidh music with guts'. Led by Saul Rose (Waterson - Carthy) and Paul Nye (both on melodeons), it also features Glynn Burch's rasping trombone. Overall it is held together by Roger Smith's pulsating drumming.
The CD has 10 tracks of mainly trad tunes arranged in groups of two. There are many well known tunes - starting with an old favourite of mine 'Mount Hills'. Glynn gets a work out in Jimmy Shand's 'Looking for a Partner' (coupled with Upton on Severn Stick dance tune). An unusual pairing is 'Woodland Revels with 'Horses Branle'.
This is a bright, lively, album from a first-rate band.


Ivan North.

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