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Rosa's Daughters

Gather ye Rosebuds KM085

Rosa's Daughters are Marie Rice and Suzi Zeffert. They are a harmony duo `that has been gaining recognition over the past year in folk clubs and smaller festivals in the South -East of England'. Their repertoire is `an eclectic mix of traditional, contemporary and self-penned material'. There is a lot a variety in the sources songs - Alfred Noyes / Phil Och's `The Highwayman', Allan Taylor's `Roll on the Day', several from Marie and Ron Trueman-Border, and a couple of long traditional ballads. The inlay is nicely different - the pages are sown together!
They accompany themselves on dulcimer, guitar and keyboard. I have to say I found it rather low key and I could have done with more pizzazz in the production and arrangements.

Ivan North.

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