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Simon Ritchie

Squeezebox Schizophrenia (X-Tradition TMM 1056)

Simon Ritchie is well known as leader and melodeon player for the dance quartet The Posh Band. This CD is a strange album. A glance at the titles shows it to consist of a curious mixture of traditional material and covers of old pop songs. It starts with appalling versions of Doris Day's 'Move Over Darling' and The Searchers 'Sweets for my Sweet', before we get to some better stuff. (Later on there is a far superior instrumental version of the latter).
It all sounds like a pub session you would find after a morris stand. Fine at the time, but somewhat lacking in sophistication when examined in the cold hard light of morning. Unfortunately Simon just does not have a 'pop' voice.
Bob Davenport guests on 'Edmund in the Lowlands', but for me the high spot is a live, unaccompanied version of 'Nobby Hall'.
The least said about 'Anarchy in the UK' and 'Tracks of my Tears' the better.

Ivan North.

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