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Barry Dransfield

Unruly Violin (Violin Workshop VW 1 CD)

Barry has been a primary influence in English folk music for many years, from the early days as a duo with his brother, via "Morris On", to Violin Workshop for instrument restoration. This is the first CD from his new label.
The material, a mixture of songs and fiddle tunes was learned aurally and carries the warning to have to be played 'inaccurately and in an unruly fashion'
On this album he uses modern technology to duet with himself and thus achieves a fuller sound. For instance "The Grand Conversation on Napoleon", has Barry on vocal and guitar, with 3 cellos and fiddle overdub.
Along with the traditional influences he includes two of Handel's greatest hits "Did You not Hear my Lady" and "Where'er You Walk".
His tremendous natural musical ability carries over to the songs and he is surely one of the best song interpreters around.
This has to be my CD of the year!

Ivan North.

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