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Carmina: On a Quiet Street


This was recorded live on 2nd and 3rd April in 2002 and featured Pippa N'larland
(vocals, sax), Rob King, (guitars), Pete Jacobsen (keyboards) and Diarmaid Moyn ih
an (pipes). On April 29th~ Pete Jacobsen died, so this represents a snapshot of
Carmina at that time.
The central feature of the band is Pippa's voice. Light and airy with a jazz~' feel,
ideally suited to songs like 'Bird of Paradise', 'Crazy Love' and Joan nie Mitchell's
'River' (which all happen to be my favourites).
They also include some trad - 'Raglan Road' and 'Lord Franklin'. Being live, some
audience applause has been included.


Ivan North.

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