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The Band of the Welsh Guards Sir Edward German
Welsh Rhapsody SRCI 04

The Band of the Irish Guards Sir Arthur Sullivan
The Lost Chord SRC 106

Two Victorian composers of light music. (Sullivan 1842-1900), most famous for his light operas and German (1862-1936), now largely neglected.
Of the two, German is the more 'folk' inspired. He did his best work between about 1890 and 1909 (when he found himself out of favour and retired). 'Dances from the Music to Henry VIII' while not being authentic is very pleasant. (His 'Morris Dance' was written 10 years before Cecil Sharpe got started collecting them). He also wrote incidental music to 'Nell Gwyn' and 'Tom Jones'. The Sullivan disc concentrates on music from the operas and the marvellous 'Pineapple Poll' suites.
The music was recorded at The Chapel, The Royal Hospital. Chelsea. Also available from Specialist Recording Company are CDs of music by Sir Arthur Bliss and Sir Malcolm Arnold.

Ivan North.

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