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Russian Gypsy Fire Arc Music EUD 1789

Talisman is a trio consisting of Oleg Nels (button l3ayan accordion), Oleksandr Klima (violin) and Vadim Kulitskii (guitar, vocals). Although they are billed as 'gypsy musicians' they are not what I would call genuine folk gypsies. They all studied classical music at Russian conservatories so are virtuosos playing in a classical / folk style (with a touch of jazz).

Their music is mainly self-penned and is a mixture of songs (sung of course in Russian) and instrumentals. In true 'gypsy' style many of the pieces get faster and faster as they proceed. It is all encompassed in track 3, 'Gypsy Soul'- a version of the folk tune 'Dark Eyes'.

The insert is mainly biographical and provides no song information.


Ivan North.

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