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Hen Party

The Heart Gallery Wild Goose Records WGS3l lCD

Hen Party are Heather Bradford, Sarah Morgan and Alison Muir. This is their second album and contains a selection of traditional, popular and contemporary songs about the taking, faking and making of love. All the songs are sung a Capella so obviously no backing instruments.
You therefore have to like three women's voices in home harmony. However you do get 16 tracks!

They provide contrast by varying their interpretations. 'Come from the Heart' has a spiritual feeling about it, 'All Things Are Quite Silent' starts with a solo voice and 'Railway Widow's Blues' has barbershop harmonics. Among the other many attractions is the mandatory song (for a women's group) about chocolate. Even the popular standard 'Love is the Sweetest Thing'. My favourite has to be the final track, Richard Thompson's 'Waltzing's for Dreamers

Most of the songs feature in the Hen Party Show.


Ivan North.

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