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Love burns in me BEJOCD4O

They are Vivien Ellis (voice) and Giles Lewin (fiddle) and this is a CD medieval and traditional songs and fiddle music from Britain and France.
Vivien sings the songs either unaccompanied or with fiddle backing. Giles, plays the tunes.
There are 10 tracks. It opens well with 'Lovely Joan', but my favourite is 'The Cuckoo's Nest'. They perform three versions, Irish fiddle, Lowland Scots songs and Gaelic mouth music. Some of the music is less accessible though, like Vest en Mai (northern French, 13th century) and Fair Annie, a traditional Scottish ballad (all 10 minutes of it). The Pack is a group of 12 young musicians,. 7 female and 5 male, who have got together to perform at festivals etc. This is their first CD and has 12 tracks, featuring mainly fiddle tunes. A couple of lighthearted vocals are also included.
It's a bright, lively record of their current performances.


Ivan North.

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