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Belshazzar's Feast

Mr. Kynaston's Famous Dance Vol.2 The She Favourite WGS31OCD

This is an interpretation of early 18dI century English Country Dane tunes from the Kynaston col1ection. Its source, publishers, and approximate date of publication, the dance formation, time signature and number of rounds follow each dance title. I'm not familiar with the Kynaston collection so the material was new to me. The tunes are stately and ~should appeal to those who like Playford style music.

There are fourteen tracks, each containing one time. All the tunes are arranged to be danced to, so the program is rather steady paced. (There's no razzmatazz). Also no dance notation is provided.

Paul Hutchinson on accordion carries most the work and Paul Sartin on oboe and violin fills out the arrangements. Considering their limited resources they do quite well.


Ivan North.

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