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Tim Edey

Daybreak GNAT BITE Records

I suppose this is getting rather old now having been produced this in August 2001. Tim, laid back
chap that he is, only gave me a copy at this years
Broadstairs Festival. He is without doubt a world-class musician and if the melodeon were to be
recognised by the musical world as a proper instrument then he would be up there with the likes
of Nigel Kennedy. (Maybe he should have learned the fiddle).

He manages to play G/D melodeon, B/C melodeon, accordion, piano, bass, bodhran and nylon
and steel strung guitars. All at the same time. Not just that, by playing the parts himself he gets
cohesiveness few bands could emulate.

Although Tim is primarily an Irish player he has resisted the temptation to do a collection of diddly
diddly tunes. The Independence Hornpipe has a jazzy feel, Baltic Arrival (self composed) is a semi
classical type of' piece and Tides is for solo piano. He has included a few Irish reels and is joined by
Michael McGoldrick on flute and whistle.

Tim is available as solo or with a band through Gnat bite Productions.
Tel: (+44) 781 591 1995

Ivan North.

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