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Crossing Currents GHCDOO3

In 2000 I reviewed Jenny Newman’s debut CD Toms Fiddle. She thought I was quite complementary, so has given me the second one to go over as well. For the record, I met Jenny at Folk amp a number of years ago. We were all much younger (she still is!). I thought she was a very fine fiddler and she went on to greater things, working with the likes of Rock Salt And Nails, James
Byrne, Bobby Casey and Solstice.

The material on her first CD was mainly self-penned, with accompaniment by Andy Glass on guitar. On this CD they have been joined by Pete Hermsley on drums and percussion and the trio has been formalised as 3sticks. They are now available for ceilidhs or the concert stage!

Nearly all the tracks are traditional and have been recorded at Glasshouse Studios - live! Andy is an experienced sound engineer. Jenny’s is of course the lead instrument and the styles of music vary from Donegal to French Canadian with a touch of Breton.

Most of the tunes are new to me but did get more familiar towards the end of the CD. I liked the bluesy Butterfly / Reel Beatrice, Jenny’s Chickens and what finer way to finish off than with the lovely waltz Midnight On The Water.

Contact: Glasshouse Records, 17 Bridge Road, Cosgrove, Milton Keynes MK19 7JH


Ivan North.

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