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Nancy Kerr & James Fagan

Between the Dark and Light FECD167

There can’t be many folk people who haven’t heard of this duo, or seen them at
concerts or festivals. This is their fourth album and contains "traditional and
original music from Northumberland, Australia and beyond". Also featured are
Sandra Kerr, Tim van Eyken and Alan Burton.

Nancy (fiddle) uses a number of Northumbrian tunes and songs - Dance To Your
Daddy, Meggy’s Foot, Coates Hall, Elsie Marley, My Laddie Sits Ower Late Up,
Cuckold Come Out The Amry.

James (bouzouki, guitar) contributes the Australian songs - The Outside Track
(rather mournful), The Drovers Boy and Kelly’s Farewell. He’s a strong singer
reminiscent of Martin Wyndham-Read with undertones of Nic Jones. He is also
credited with some interesting tunes. My favourite is intriguingly named The Wire
Bender (he makes shapes out of wires!). It’s a never-ending piece in a weird time

Nancy’s solo unaccompanied song Is the murder ballad Strawberry Town,
otherwise known as Bruton Town, which she does full justice.

All in all this is a well-rounded album by two very highly rated performers.


Ivan North.

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