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Brian Watson

Whore Iwor Heh thi Gone? ONTCD2004

'Songs of the Northern Bards'

Brian is a Geordie traditional singer and this is a collection of songs by Geordie songwriters the most famous being Tommy Armstrong (1846 -1920). The title comes from a song by John Kelday Smith.
Everything is in dialect and in the bulky booklet there is a Geordie glossary to help you understand the printed lyrics. Mostly the songs are unaccompanied but there is a vocal chorus, which includes Anni Fentiman, Dave Webber and Johnny Handle (who also plays accordion along with Cohn Ross on Northumbrian pipes).
The highlight for me was Weshin' day (Thomas Wilson born ml 773) to the tune which is known as 'Nae luck Aboot the Hoose' (or 'The Washing Day' The Adderbury morris dance 'Washing Day' uses the chorus of 'Weshin' Day' and this is sung by the dancers at the start of the dance.
I think that this CD will have limited appeal but is very worthy.


Ivan North.

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