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Will Duke and Dan Quinn


Another concertina and melodeon duo, but in a totally different style from the previous pair. These are more rooted in the Tradition and the approach is less sophisticated, indeed the CD is subtitled music for lungs and bellows!

Will plays anglo concertina and Dan plays melodeon (mainly the now out of fashion Hohner Pokerwork). It probably should be called the Polka work since thatís all most players can handle on it.

There are seventeen tracks so plenty of value and scope for variety. True they include a couple of nonsense songs, but in the main their songs are of the more serious type. Most of the vocals, are sung in unison and I prefer them with accompaniment. It is easy to make unaccompanied songs sound maudlin. The instrumentals are mainly Scan Tester tunes - they play his polkas, marches and schottisches.

There are no extra musicians on this CD so it gives a good representation of a typical performance by this fine duo.

Ivan North

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