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Tim van Eyken & Robert Harbron

One Sunday Afternoon BEJOCD-34

Since their successes In the BBC Young Folk Award, this Is an established duo, with Tim on molodeon and had vocal and Robert, besides playing concertina and guitar handling harmony vocals. On this CD there are SIX tune sets and four songs, Ye Manners, The Handsome dark Lover, Farmer Slough and Bold Riley. Tim has a deepish voice and copes with the gongs, but is far more comfortable with the tunes.

The concertina can be a shrill Instrument but these lads blend it in nibely with the melodeon. Tim plays in what I would call the modem style as exemplified by among others Andy Cutting. This Involves smooth and minimal bellows moventent end a predisposition to European style music. The tune set Poynton is a typical example, a pair of tunes in the French style with no obvious melody and having repeated patterns of notes that wash over you.

One grouse. Orange in Bloom is used twice both in the Frenchman In the Moon set and as the melody for the song The Handsome dark Lover. Apart from that, this is a pleasant CD Ideally suited to a relaxed Sunday afternoon.

Ivan North

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