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All along the washboard MDKCDOI

Revival are an unashamedly populist band from Surrey playing mainly pub and club gigs. It’s a four piece, Doug Kerr, John Martin (no not that one) Bill Daly and Steve ‘Drafty’ Doughty O.B.E. Their instrumentation is guitar, banjo, bass and washboard. Their repertoire is a mixture of old skiffle music (Wreck of the old ‘97, Battle of New Orleans, John Henry), popular Irish songs (Irish Rover) and well liked modern folk songs (Blown in the Wind). There are twenty tracks so you get plenty of value. (The CD is cheap too!)

I didn’t know entertainment could be so much fun!
I haven’t enjoyed myself so much since the hired hand fell in the cactus!
Pure unsophistication!

Get along to see them and buy the CD as a memento of a good night out.

Ivan North

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