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Started Retired
Kevin McCabe
Chris Andrews
Terry Sparkes
May 1965  
Brian Chalker & The New Frontiers      
Dave Plain   January 1979
Brian Cole*    
Charlie Jacobs    
Steve Jennings 1967 Current


Pauline Fitzpatrick (Snow)
Andy Melmore
Steve Jennings
Steve Jennings & Clare Pinyon*    
Steve Jenning & Mike Brighton*
Ivan North   Current
Anne Halford (Gove)   Curent
Keith Halford    
Even Sink the Tea Keith Halford
Anne Halford (Gove)
Steve Jennings
Ted Handley 1980 Current
Charlie Handley 1980  
Tom 'N' Ed
Tom Page
Ed Scullye
Brian Bruce* 2005 2008
Robin Slater January 2009 March 2014
Ken & Mike
Ken Bridgeford
Mike Stapley
2014 August 2016
Mike Stapley   August 2016 Current
Clare Pinyon sadly died January 2000
Brian Bruce sadly died 28th October 2008
Brian Cole sadley died 14th December 2011
Mike Brighton sadley died 19th October 2014
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